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Tailor Made Programs

Guitar Lessons

From private lessons in the comfort of your own home, to yearly customized programs, to producing professional commercial music; ElijahAmor Studios Academy has all the music solutions you need.

Music Class

What We Teach




What makes the ESA Voice Program special is our attention to detail and specific approach to making you the best version of yourself. There is no one like you and we want to bring the best out of you. Take advantage of our comprehensive vocal program today!

Piano Keys



In our ESA Piano Program we will give you the tools to be successful no matter what skill level and what instrument you have. We provide training in all styles of piano depending upon what you want to learn. The styles include but are not limited to; Classical, Jazz, Gospel, Pop, etc. This is a piano learning experience you will never forget.

Learning Guitar



Our ESA Beginner Guitar course is designed specifically with you in mind. We build our program around your strengths and what you desire to learn. We have found that students are more engaged when they are learning based upon their interests and are able to retain the knowledge much more quickly. Book your first consultation today and begin on your guitar learning journey.


Music Production

Music Production is the heart and soul of the music creating process. Learn the ins and outs of producing masterful music from start to finish. Though our comprehensive program you will learn about space, musicality, production techniques and so much more.

The ESA Mission

At ElijahAmor Studios Academy our goal is to help you to begin playing your instrument as soon as possible. We believe in creating an atmosphere conducive to growth that works for you. Find your passion today and contact us to begin your musical journey.

ElijahAmor Studios Academy,

Learning to play,

Playing to learn.

Where music lives!

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